Blog account is back !

Hello 🙂 !


I finally got my account again ! I really don’t love to write blogs , but I want to write something today .


I think if I start writing something today , I will make it everyday until I write something very useful and had moral lessons on it .


Even you are not good in writing , just write whatever you want , whatever you think and whatever you feel . I am sure after you publish it , you can breathe very deep and you can exhale all the bad vibes in your body .


I am making you realize that you don’t need to be very good in english or very good in imaginaning just be yourself and feel whatever in your heart you can achieve something very good in good terms.


In many ways you will love writing because you can express the things you can’t express to others . It’s good to be back ! Punch your seatmate :*




Moment with love

“Love conquers all”

Is it true that love conquers all ?


I don’t know the answer to that question , but I do have my own opinion about it .

There some moment that has been vanished by time and distance but for me , distance is a test of love some will fail if they can’t wait and stand it but for those who can they will find their “TRUE LOVE”



True love isn’t easy but it is worth fighting for . Once you find it , it will never be replaced.



In my generation , some of us are experiencing some puppy love and they say they are heartbroken even they’re not .



They are posting some “BS” on socialmedia just to show their flirt side .


I’m not counting all but some of them .






Love is something we should care for . We should take care of it once we had it .

It never fail us making us happy .



I don’t yet experience true love but in the right time and in the right place I will find who the hell is he :))




That’s all .



Waiting for that moment to come . I will make him as important and worth fighting for . Once I find him , I will make every moment of love like there’s no tomorrow . Make every moment memorable .








A Night To Remember <3 Senior Prom

“Save the BEST for the LAST.”

Senior Prom,  was the night to remember. It was a teenage dream to join a prom and we are so lucky to had that night. It was the special night for us teenager and a highschool students.We dance until we felt the tiredness and we shall continue again. I had many experience and heart talk with my classmates on that night.  I see that are batch was the best. I know that we will miss each other,  because in less than one month we are going to graduate and face the real world,  college life.  


The prom was the last evening we share happiness together.


Just Got Lucky

Different people we’re born in this planet.  We,  people do different things. 


Then why other people say “Just Got My Luck” expression,  well they always making that when something bad happened. 


There are some people who are believing in fate, destiny and other etc. 


There are some people that always having good luck, bad luck,good charm and karma.

Sometimes I’m not believing on it,  and just always pray to God ; thank him for everything and ask for blessings. 


About the topic that I had chosen for this blog.  Well I just done watching Just My Luck, starring Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pyne,  it is a very good movie. 


After I watched it,  I realized and learned a lesson.  Sometimes warning is just too good to not change our daily life but it is nice thing because you learn something from it.  You should to something carefully to not be disappointed,  and just believe to some concerned citizen (not always) . 


There are some lessons from it and it start with,  we don’t need some luck to make our lives perfect because we are the who’d making it as beautiful as we want it to.  Don’t depend on something we stand to because we can hurt from but the best part is we can get something more. Just be you and believe in spmething we want to believe but don’t ever make someone hurt just to make yourself happy because you’ll never be if you’re the reason someone is in pain.  


Just love the life you have and be contented to it.  


Even I’m not good in English,  I really trying to make it more beautiful not to impress readers but to make them understand it well.  Thank you for reading this even it is not that good.